Network Status

Real-Time System Network Status Updates

If there is an outage, details will be listed here:


Currently all systems are operational.

June 15th, 2023 – Tuesday morning, STC began responding to a ransomware incident that affected the operability of several of our services. After discovering the incident, we immediately implemented our response protocols, took steps to contain the incident, and launched an investigation with the assistance of a forensic firm. We also notified law enforcement and are working to support their investigation. 


While our systems were offline, our teams worked to restore services and provide mitigation services for all impacted end customers. As of Wednesday morning, all services have been restored. We will continue to monitor to be sure that all systems and services continue to operate. 


As we work to complete the investigation, we will look for opportunities to further enhance our existing security measures.


We understand there may be additional questions. However, given the early stages of the investigation, we may not be able to answer everything right now. We expect to provide a timeline of the incident in the coming days.


We appreciate your patience as we work through this incident and apologize for any inconvenience it caused. 


Please email if you are having issues.

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