Government agencies and enterprises alike are coming to the realization that MPLS is no longer the optimal choice for wide-area networks, and that marks a significant shift in the technology landscape.

In 1999, when AT&T introduced multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), it seemed like the ultimate solution, offering scalability, performance, and security within a closed network environment. For years, we championed MPLS to countless clients, convinced it would remain unrivaled.

But times have changed. The rise of smartphones led to a demand for accessing corporate data from internet-connected devices, followed by a surge in cloud services adoption and the emergence of zero-trust security concepts. In this evolving landscape, SD-WAN emerged as a game-changer.

SD-WAN revolutionizes network architecture by providing secure connectivity across multiple sites or branches using cost-effective bandwidth options like dedicated internet or broadband. With a centralized control plane, administrators can easily deploy rules and policies network-wide, simplifying management and reducing costs while maintaining performance.

Federal agencies can now replace expensive MPLS networks with SD-WAN, leveraging multiple broadband carriers per location and benefiting from enhanced traffic balancing capabilities. This transition isn’t experimental—it’s a proven innovation already embraced by the commercial sector.

Moreover, agencies can gradually adopt SD-WAN by integrating low-cost internet connections into existing MPLS networks, ensuring seamless operation.

For instance, a major equipment rental company used SD-WAN during Hurricane Ian to maintain operations across its vast network, demonstrating the technology’s resilience and reliability. This success led them to make SD-WAN their standard connectivity solution across all locations worldwide.

While initially focused on cost savings and increased bandwidth, the true value of SD-WAN lies in its resilience and performance, making it the network solution of the future.

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